Heat Up Your Marketing Campaign: Reasons to Utilize Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Three social media platforms that have skyrocketed into some of the most popular networking tools of our generation!

In recent years, social media has served as a crucial gateway for effective marketing campaigns. According to SocialExposure.net’s recent infographic, 89 percent of marketers believe that social media generates more business exposure! Still not convinced? Check out some additional statistics extracted from this engaging, social media infographic…and decide for yourself!

Heat Up Your Marketing Campaign: Reasons to Utilize Social Media

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According to Zephoria.com, “6 million local business pages have been created as of May 2013, which is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012.”

When it comes to marketing, Facebook is a must for most businesses. An estimated 42 percent of marketers say that Facebook is critical to their business endeavors! Nearly all businesses have reported remarkable increases in brand engagement by employing the use of a company/business fan page. Popular fan pages are commonly shared and the mark of a popular fan page typically comes in a quantitative metric, being the amount of likes on a fan page. We have a service that will add real facebook users to your fan page to give it a head start in attracting more users. These are real users that like your fan page. Real Facebook fan page likes can be purchased here: http://socialexposure.net/buy-facebook-likes/

As of July 2013, there are an estimated 1.1 billion active Facebook users per month, and 751 million mobile users access Facebook every month. An additional 42 percent of users have mentioned a brand in a Facebook status update, and 2 billion total connections have been created between local business owners and users, via the social networking site.


GlobalWebIndex.com recently hailed Twitter as “the fastest growing social network in the world by active users.” With its current fanbase of 288 million active users per month, we can certainly see why!

Some additional facts highlighted in SocialExposure.net’s infographic include: Twitter’s 44 percent growth from June 2012 to March 2013; the 34 percent of marketers who have generated leads on Twitter; the 59 percent of Twitter users have visited B2B tech brand sites, versus the 40 percent of average internet users, and finally — 36 percent of all marketers have found a customer on Twitter in 2013, so far!


Shareaholic.com pegs Pinterest as responsible for driving “more referral traffic than Google+, Youtube and Linkedin combined.”

As of July 2013, Pinterest has 70 million active users, and 43 percent of these users utilize the site to associate with retailers and/or brands they identify with as consumers. An additional 86 percent of Pinterest visits are generated from new customers, and 70 percent of brand engagement on the site is generated by users. Furthermore, 51 percent of the Interbrand top hundred brands are on Pinterest!

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